Sturgeon Finance is glad to finally announce our airdrop program for the official launch of our project.

Receive approximately $25 worth of Caviar Coins by following our airdrop mechanics below!

Make sure to follow all the tasks to get rewarded!

  1. Join Telegram Announcement Channel — 20.00 CVR Tokens.
  2. Follow Twitter & Retweet Pinned Post — 40.00 CVR Tokens.
  3. Like & Follow our Official Facebook Page — 20.00 CVR Tokens.

After completion of the above tasks, please fill up our airdrop form by clicking this link.

You may visit our website for more project info!

Greetings to all Crypto Enthusiasts!

Today we are very excited to announce the official unveiling of Sturgeon Finance! From the very start of this journey, the team behind this technology has one common goal in mind, which is to give ease to the newcomers in the cryptocurrency world. …

Sturgeon Finance is proud to introduce its technology to the world! After months of hard work, the team behind this project will finally unveil the hidden gem. A few hours from now, we will be publicly announcing the official launch of Sturgeon Finance to the cryptocurrency industry. …


A bridge to intensify ease of access to the cryptocurrency world.

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