Upcoming bounty and airdrop launch!

Sturgeon Finance is proud to introduce its technology to the world! After months of hard work, the team behind this project will finally unveil the hidden gem. A few hours from now, we will be publicly announcing the official launch of Sturgeon Finance to the cryptocurrency industry. Together with this official launch, we will be conducting bounties and airdrops to reward our early supporters and give them what they deserve.

Ahint: With the current trend in the crypto domain, a lot of buzzes were made attracting more to be interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Even huge companies such as Tesla, Coca-Cola, PayPal, and others made their official support and investment in this technology. Investments went crazy left and right, but for some, especially for the new ones- understanding and using the blockchain is quite hard. To give a solution to this problem, Sturgeon Finance found a way to bridge this gap and intensify ease of access to the cryptocurrency world for newcomers.

The definite objective of Sturgeon Finance is to create a more self-sustaining ecosystem and promulgate extensive blockchain technology adoption where Caviar Coins are used for financial transactions such as payment of both on-chain and off-chain features, the fees of which are allocated as rewards to node owners for providing services and for stabilizing and securing the network. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

This technology will be offered to the public very soon and rewards will be given to our early supporters. A total of 7.25% of the total project’s coin supply will be distributed to our early supporters in the form of bounties and airdrops. A separate announcement will be released regarding this activity. We will also start our whitelisting process for our upcoming private sale once we launch our official website to give our supporters early access to our utility coin and give them early supporters’ benefits. Our private sale will be done on a First Come, First Serve basis with only 10,000 spots to be offered. The partner platform for our private sale will also be announced soon.

Lucky you for reading this article! You now have an idea of what is coming. Stay tuned! Subscribe to our medium page for the upcoming announcements. Few hours left!